Annual Meeting & Banquet

Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards

These awards, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, aim to highlight the many examples of commitment, impact on local issues or needs, leadership, innovation, and active citizenship. It is hoped that the awards have a dual effect: recognizing the invaluable contributions of the recipients and inspiring others to follow their examples.

A panel of community leaders with significant experience in volunteerism and/or service will select the recipients. The Chamber will recruit the community leaders and the selection process will be based on the materials submitted. All decisions of the panel will be final.

“Business of the Year Award”

2024 will be the first annual Big Business and Small Business of the year awards. The Sebasticook Valley area has many small businesses that compete daily with bigger businesses. For this reason we have decided to split this award into 2 categories, businesses with 1-25 employees and businesses with 26+ employees. The primary purpose of this award is simply to say “thanks” to area businesses for their contributions to our community.  Must be current member in good standing of the Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Must show a dedication to making our area a better place by giving back to the communities in some manner.

Factors of consideration would include the business:

  • Reputation of honesty and integrity in their practices innovative
  • Committed to community
  • Committed to diversity
  • Demonstrated perseverance
  • Growth in support of economic development of the Sebasticook Valley Area communities.

“Joyce Packard Spirit of Community Award”

Joyce McKenzie Packard was a life long resident of the Sebasticook Valley area.  She was a member of the High Street Church, Hospices of Somerset and Penobscot County, and was trustee chairman of Sebasticook Valley Hospital and the Maine Hospital Association Board. Joyce was proud to be a member of the Institute for Global Ethics and belonged to the Newport Woman’s Club, the Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce and other area clubs. She is remembered for her passion for life and her ability to have fun, all the while having a tremendous willingness to serve and give time in the support of what she believed in. Joyce was an outspoken community representative. She followed her heart to Siberia with the Patch Adam’s Gesundheit Foundation and on a missionary trip to Haiti. She enjoyed talking about those experiences and encouraging others to reach out and help the less fortunate. At the time of her death, she was working on becoming less judgmental and more accepting, more educated, more loving, more artistic, more serene, less hurried and less affected by daily interruptions from “crazy makers.” Joyce died in 2003, close to the waters of Lake Sebasticook that had warmed her soul with many peaceful contemplations amid her feathered friends of all varieties….

This award will recognize Joyce’s extraordinary commitment to the betterment of the Sebasticook Valley Area and the power and spirit of volunteering.

The Nominee will have some or all of the following qualifications:

  • Must be a resident or located in the Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce Area serving the communities of Corinna, Detroit, Dexter, Etna, Exeter, Hartland, Newport, Palmyra, Pittsfield, Plymouth, St. Albans and Stetson.
  • Be an individual or organization, which has contributed to the life of someone in their community or to the improvement of the community through volunteerism.
  • Be an individual or organization, which has made a significant difference through volunteer service to their community.
  • Be actively involved in various community activities.
  • Be an individual or organization, which has made a contribution to the Sebasticook Valley area’s economic welfare and/or has made a considerable donation of resources to the community.

Delmar L. Doody Award

Del and his family moved to Newport from “The County”, where he had been involve in the local Chamber of Commerce.  He was instrumental in gathering together a group of local businessmen, who formed the Newport Chamber of Commerce.   He continued to champion the Chamber and its benefits while he was manager of Peoples Heritage Bank and after his retirement.  Using his vision the chamber has grown to serve the twelve towns of the Sebasticook Valley.

This award is created to recognize current or former members, who embodied the same spirit of Del Doody.

This award recognizes a chamber member or a representative of a chamber member, who meets the following requirements:

  • Been a member or representative of a member for at least five years.
  • Contributed significantly to the goals of the chamber and championed the work and benefit of the chamber to the communities in the Sebasticook Valley Region.
  • Worked and been involved in chamber activities and committees and regularly participated in events of the chamber.

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