Sweet Dreams Lavender Farm

Sweet Dreams Lavender Farm

Sweet Dreams Lavender Farm is nestled on 46 acres in St. Albans, Maine on Big Indian Pond.  We grow our own lavender, culinary and wild harvested herbs.
We have been growing different varieties of lavender since 2003 and we are documented as the first lavender farm in Maine.  We have developed our own variety of Lavender named Evielena and also grow Seal, Lady Grey, Twinkle Purple and True English.
All lavender used in our products is grown right here in St. Albans, handmade with love. All products are available for purchase at our farm store or online.
No pesticides or commercially produced chemical fertilizers are ever used on our farm. Instead, we practice permaculture methods to work with nature.

Marie Kirven

207-938-3951 (Main)

mainelavender@gmail.com (Main)

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